March 14th, 2009


I Have Been Remiss In Mentioning The WFMU Marathon

The WFMU fund-raising marathon -- the only one they hold each year -- ends tomorrow. The station is unfortunately coming up short, and these are obviously tough times, so every little bit helps. If you can cough up a few bucks for the world's greatest radio station, here's their home page where you can donate and learn more about what premiums you can get at the different pledge levels. NPR and PBS have their troubles but they also have some well-heeled pals who stink of wine and escargot. WFMU is supported by the average listener who stinks of cheap beer and record vinyl, or just plain stinks because they aren't very good at taking care of themselves. But they take care of WFMU, goddamit! The fantastic online archives cost dough, the new transmitter project costs dough, and WFMU needs dough just to operate as a non-profit cultural institution o'greatness. They don't get a bail-out unless the listeners bail them out.

Obviously if you don't listen to the station this isn't something you'll feel the need to take care of, but if you're a listener, hey, $15, c'mon. You don't have $15 to spare for hard work and great radio? Give up three shitty comics you don't need, c'mon, they'll collect them down the line, anyway. Fuck Starbuck's for a week. Support something you love. Don't love the station? How dare you. While it seems like more and more interesting things, places and organizations are bowing out of this mortal coil from economic pressures, bigger business pressures or plain old fucking disinterest, there are still places like WFMU that can be supported and kept safe. I'm not doing so hot and we sent some dough. I'm selling the baby's shoes, fer chrissakes! Selling blood! Stealing!

Okay, I lied. But I did sell whatser'name's shoes. I needed the scratch for some Boones Farm Apple Wine.

If you listen to WFMU, send them $15. Don't be crazy, don't be lazy.