July 11th, 2009


Things to Check Out in NYC This Week

On Wednesday, July 15th, the very funny and perceptive Elliot Kalan will be presenting "The Devil and Daniel Webster" at the 92Y Tribeca. As Elliot puts it, this is "the best movie about a U.S. Senator battling Satan ever made".  It's actually a terrific old flick, from 1941, based on the famous story, and starring the great character actor Edward Arnold as Daniel Webster, and the equally great character actor Walter Huston as The Devil. As a bonus you get the amazing Simone Simon as a temptress from Hades, a year before she famously appeared in in "Cat People". Courtroom drama, homespun backwoods humor, ghosts, demons, you get it all here. Works terrifically, even the hokiness is nicely presented. I love this flick, you might, too.

Elliot will be speaking about the film after it's over, I've heard him speak and he's a very funny and intelligent guy (who happens to write for The Daily Show, and does stand-up in the NYC area). Apparently the venue has a bar (that may or not be open. I've never been there, myself). I'm hoping to go but my schedule's a mess, so I dunno. But, please, check out a cool movie and listen to a funny guy talk old films afterward, on a larger than usual screen. Elliot previously showed The Thin Man, and if there's a good response to these screenings, there may be more scheduled in the future.

Here's the info:

"The Devil and Daniel Webster" hosted by Elliot Kalan
Wednesday, June 15th, 8pm
92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street, Manhattan
Tix: $12
Buy 'em online at


In funnybook event news: this Thursday, July 16th, at MOCCA, Picturebox's Dan Nadel will be in conversation with the great David Mazzucchelli, he of Daredevil, Batman, Rubber Blanket and Asterios Polyp cartoon fame.

Here's the PR they sent out so I don't have to type anymore:

Please join the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - MoCCA for
David Mazzucchelli and Dan Nadel in Conversation
Thursday, July 16, 7 P.M.
at MoCCA, 594 Broadway (between Houston and Prince), suite 401, New
York, NY 10012
a map for the venue for those with Manhattan-itus.

Mazzucchelli and Nadel will discuss Mazzucchelli's work, and the
exhibition, Sounds and Pauses. Mazzucchelli will sign copies of
Asterios Polyp and other books after the conversation.

About David Mazzucchelli:
David Mazzucchelli has been making comics his whole life. Known
chiefly for his collaborations—with Frank Miller on seminal Batman
and Daredevil stories, and with Paul Karasik on an adaptation of Paul
Auster's novel, City of Glass—he began publishing his own stories in
1991 in his anthology magazine, Rubber Blanket. Since then his short
comics have been published in books and magazines around the world.
Asterios Polyp is his first graphic novel.

And, currently on view at MoCCA :

Sounds and Pauses: The Comics of David Mazzucchelli

Okay, got that? Lots of David's art on the walls, and good comic book talk. And you can get your copy of Asterios Polyp signed and annoy David by asking him when he's going back to draw Batman. Tell him I sent you! Ha ha! Again, I want to go, but my schedule won't allow, most likely. But both of these events are up my alley, maybe up yours as well.

Huh. Sorry for the "up yours" thing, didn't mean it to sound that way.