July 20th, 2009


I Was Interviewed By Robot 6 And Lived To Post About It

Robot 6 just posted a good-sized interview I did with the site's Tim O'Shea, more or less covering the last ten feeble years of my cartooning career. Topics include the canceled Metal Men series, the poor-selling Thing series I did with Dean Haspiel, old Marvel and DC projects I almost worked on, animation, pitch bibles, I Love You, Beth Cooper, Beasts of Burden, working with Sarah, my convention screeds, Milk and Cheese and the lack of an 8th issue, and "sequential art narrative work".

I don't sound horribly stupid for a change. Shocking.

Anyway, hope all's well out there with you folks. Enjoy SDCC, those of you attending SDCC. Check out the DHC signing schedule to find when Jill Thompson will be appearing on behalf of Beasts of Burden. Jill will also be in the Artist's Alley doing commissions, selling copies of Magic Trixie, and displaying preview pages from Beasts. The House of Fun will not be there, I appreciate the folks who have written us asking about our shcedule or wanting to interview me, but, we ain't gonna be there. But thanks for the interest.

Over and outsville!