August 7th, 2009


Beasts Of Burden: The Unfamiliar -- Read It For Free

The second Beasts of Burden short story, The Unfamiliar, has been posted on the Dark Horse Comics website, and can be read here (for free!). 12 pages, pictures by Jill Thompson, words by me.  

The Unfamiliar was first published in The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft in 2004, and won an Eisner Award for "Best Short Story". While I myself wouldn't say it was the best short story of 2004, it is a good, fun little story, and Jill did a bang-up job painting it, and I'm not returning the award, so there.

You can still read the first Beasts of Burden short story, Stray, here. If all goes according to plan, the third short story, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, from The Dark Horse Book of The Dead, will be posted in the near future. Sweet!

As far as the upcoming series goes, the second issue has recently been solicited and is available for pre-order through your local store or online service. That's the #2 cover above. Spooky!

Jill Thompson is appearing --right now!!! -- at the Chicago Comics Convention or Formerly Wizard Con or whatever the hell it's called now that the word "Wizard" is being replaced with some sort of Gareb Shamus doublespeak these days. If you're going, stop by, say hi, and ask to see preview pages from the first two issues. If she brought them. I have no idea. I'm not the boss of her, leave me out of this.

Finally, for those who may have missed it in the pre-SDCC full court press, I did an interview with Tim O'Shea of Robot 6, mostly discussing the last ten years of my output, or lack thereof, which also touches on the Beasts project as well.

And Jill and I did an interview for Comic Book Resources about Beasts of Burden. We may have a few more interviews going up or seeing print soon, which will hopefully help spread the word.

Almost a month away from the shipping date for #1. I hope nothing goes wrong.

Okay, that's all the plugging for now. Hope you enjoy the new story, thanks for your time and attention.