August 11th, 2009


A Daily Dose Of Fun

I always wanted to upload my old Fun strips from Dork to the web, but I'm a slob and can't even get new ones done, let alone get my act together on presenting old material in the internet age. I think we (meaning, Sarah) attempted this once, back a ways, but our ability (meaning Sarah's, as I am a slob), was overwhelmed by work, life, child, rolling her eyes at me, etc. So, yeah. No go.

Anyway, for some crazy reason Christopher Butcher of the Beguiling and TCAF recently decided he wanted to start running my short Fun strips on his nifty blog, Comics 212. And What ho!, this is what he's doing (I apologize about the "What ho!" thing, it just came out, and I'm keeping it, because. well, it's "What ho!", and I rarely get to use traditional yiddish expressions like that on my blog).

Chris wrote a very flattering overview of the strips and my work, which you can find here. The strips started yesterday, here's the first one. Here's the second one. I'd like to point out that he's started with some of the earliest strips, which date back to 1992 (!), so, the art is rough, the gags are even stupider than usual, and, well, that's  the end of the apology, if I didn't want anyone to see these I wouldn't have reprinted them. They are drawn in a fashion resembling a child doodling while riding in a rickshaw over potholes. What ho! (Okay, I'll stop).

Anyway, my thanks to Christopher for the plug and the bizarre undertaking, If this brings any folks to 212, cool, if this brings 212 folks to my work, cool, if anyone actually buys a book of mine from the fine folks at SLG Publishing, awesome, if this gets tomatoes thrown at The Beguiling's windows, ha ha, if this gets people wondering aloud how I ever had a career after releasing this infantile twaddle, boo hoo.

Coincidentally, I just finished up three new Fun strips this week, I was hoping to post one here today but I need Sarah's help (there's some photoshop crap that needs doing to fix a drawing error, and I can't reverse images from black to white, and beyond that the art's too big for my piddling scanner), and she's still busy with all that stuff. I've started drawing the strips five to a standard comics page after, jeez, 18 years or so of doing them seven to a page. I couldn't handle the little panels anymore, 21 to a page, plus the title, was wearing me down, my eytesight isn't what it used to be, my hand's a mess. I probbaly should be doing them even larger, but I'm trying this size, and I'll see where it takes me. I'm only doing new strips in the hopes there will be a Dork #12 someday, and it keeps my hand in at doing my own stuff in-between the paying work. Who knows. I'm just getting frustrated at seeing the gag and story notes files pile up with nothing to show for them. Even if I chip away at them, eventually something will get done. That's the hope, at least.

In the meantime, feel free to wallow daily in the youthful, ungainly gag strips of my past.

I thank you.