September 13th, 2009


Modern Myths Signing Recap

Got back late last night from Northampton, MA, where I spent a day and and a half or so doing two appearances at Modern Myths. I had a really nice time, Northampton is a great little town, and Jim and the staff at the shop are swell people. They run a great shop, really well-stocked with good stuff, and they know their onions. They treat the customers well and it's a clean, family-friendly shop. I saw a number of kids picking up Archie and Scooby-Doo comics and older kids buying manga, always nice to see. I definitely recommend the shop to anyone in the area or passing through, good place to shop and browse. THey also have a few shelves of good condition sued trades and graphic novels, as well as older comics-related books. Very nice.

The signing was fun, not crammed, but steady, and a bunch of nice folks turned out. Talked about terrible horror and monster movies, comics, D&D, all sorts of geeky bullcrap. One lady drove an hour and a half to the event, which was crazy, imho. I drew a batch of sketches, and ended up staying an extra three hours before heading home. The highlight, as often is the case, was drawing for the kids who wanted a Super Martian Robot Girl sketch, that's fun to do and the kids who I drew for were really cool and fun to talk to. I also got to talk to an old friend of Sarah's who drove up to NYC with her 18 years ago when she moved in with me. He also contributed to Mad Planet #1 back in the day. He moved to Boston and then Northampton, of all places. 18 years! Cripes. We all end up somewhere (and then nowehere, I guess).

Northampton's a college town and and a hippy joint (but I like it anyway). Had a really good local beer Friday night, two of them, actually. Forgot the name of it, the bar was called The Toasted Owl. Had a very nice lunch Saturday at an organic food place. Nice used book stores and a decent-looking vinatge clothes joint, and a store that's onbe fo the largest sellers/importers of Tintin merchandise in the country (!). I didn't have time to really browse, just like when I last visited the town (for a signing at the late, lamented Words and Pictures museum). I could possibly live in a town like Northampton. At least get drunk and buy books. And they have a bowling alley, and japanese restaurants, and old theaters. I dig that.

Anyway, I want to thank Jim and Shannon for having me out there, Michael, Pete and everyone at the shop, all the folks who showed up to chat or get something signed, and those who signed up for a copy of Beasts of Burden #1. If every shop moved as many copies as Myths, we'd be in great shape.  I had some advance copies to show off and people seemed to like what they saw. We'll see on Wednesday.

Speaking of which, next stop, Comic Book Jones this week, for the first of two debut parties/signings in NYC, with me and Jill Thompson. Can't wait.

Anyway, Northampton: had a swell time, didn't get lost driving up or down, car made it alright, happy to be home with the family, and I just slept about 12 hours.

Back to work. Yo Gabba Gabba animation pose drawings, back on the secret script, and a few Dork strips and drawings I'm pushing along to keep my hand in.