September 15th, 2009


More Beasts Stuff, And A New Fun Strip

Some more Beasts of Burden stuff for those who aren't completely sick of hearing about it here on the blog:

Aaron Stueve at Broken Frontier has posted an article based on a discussion I had with him about Beasts of Burden, the CHUD movies, comics, and some other crap we batted around.

A new, good-sized interview with Jill Thompson is up on the PopCultureShock site, covering Beasts. Magic Trixie, oversized comic books, Wednesday Comics (and DC's offering Jill the Wonder Women strip) , Scary Gopdmother, and other Jill Thompson stuff.

Speaking of Jill, Sarah and I saw that the Cartoon Network has re-released the two Scary Godmother DVDs for Halloween. We saw them at our local Stop and Shop, only $10 a pop.

And while I'm here, I'll remind you folks for the last time that Beasts of Burden #1 ships tomorrow to stores that ordered it. I won't say it''ll blow you away, or that it's going to change the way you look at comics, but I do believe it's a good comic well worth a look. We hope you'll give it a shot, and we hope you'll enjoy it. If you do like it, tell a friend. If you don't like it, shut the hell up, I got enough problems without you making trouble.

As noted earlier, to celebrate the release of the comic, Jill and I will be doing two release parties/signings this week (info below). Please come and see us if you can, we'll be sketching, signing, Jill has a print for the signings, and you can pick up Beasts of Burden #1 as well as some of my other work, or some of Jill's other work, including her swell Magic Trixie series of books. I'm hoping we'll see Satan Island and New Jersey representing this Wednesday, and I'd like to see you folks from Brooklyn, Manhattan and the other boroughs out in full force on Saturday. Of course, I'd love to see anybody from anyplace at either signing. Both events look to be a lot of fun, so come on out for some geekery.

Wednesday, Sept 16th
Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin - Beasts of Burden #1 release party
Staten Island, NY
6-9 pm

Saturday, Sept 19th
Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin - Beasts of Burden #1 release party
Brooklyn, NY

OKAY, now...for those of you who are tired of hearing about Beasts of Burden, here's a new Fun Strip:

Thank you, and goodnight.