September 20th, 2009


Bergen Street Fallout

I had a terrific time at last night's signing at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn. Jill Thompson and I signed a lot of copies of Beasts of Burden #1, the folks who showed up were great, the store was great, Socko, Boomer and Tiger were representing the Jones Family Clan from Comic Book Jones in Satan Island, we had a real dog for Emily to play with, kids bought Jill's Magic Trixie books, and we had a fella from Boston walk in and buy some books -- he was there to see a friend who lived above the store and had no idea we'd be there. Turns out he's a fan, his wife's a fan, I talked to her on his phone for a while. The estimable Tucker Stone works at Bergen and he was fun to bullshit with during the night ( I recommend his various review columns online, links not forthcoming, because I am lazy). Caught up with Cliff Chiang, who'll also be at Baltimore, which is cool. Nice to see Jenny Lee, Scott Nybakken, Heidi MacDonald, Charles Brownstein, Dean Haspiel, meet fellow ex-Eternity Comics alumnus Tim Hamilton, other folks I'm forgetting to mention, and all the non-comics professionals and fans, of course. And Sebastien, the Pomeranian, who Emily wanted to take home. Just a nice evening, lots of fun. I picked up a copy of The Collected Doug Wright (which is amazing), and Emily read a lot of Harvey comics and braved the long night like a real trooper.  I even got a parking spot within five minutes in Brooklyn, holy crap.

My thanks to Tom and Amy from Bergen Street Comics for having us, their shop is super-swell -- Brooklynites and tourists, stop by, say hi, and buy.

Thanks again to Socko and Tiger @Jones for working with Bergen to sponsor Jill's trip out here, and for the great Wed signing. This was my first real exposure to a "release party" kind of thing, and between these events, the pre-release signing at Modern Myths in Northampton last week, doing more interviews than I normally do in a year, and seeing what seems to be a pretty positive response to the first issue of Beasts of Burden, it's been a great, if exhausting week and a half.

Thanks to everyone who's picked up our first issue, thanks to Jill for the amazing art, thanks to everyone who has spread the word and promoted Beasts of Burden.

Okay. Back to reality, now. Have to catch up on a lot of lost work and get ready for our trip to the Baltimore Con next month.