September 21st, 2009


R.I.P. Yoshito Usui

Yeah, this was depressing news. And he was only 51. I was hoping he'd be found alive and everything would turn out fine.

Sarah and I were big fans of the Crayon Shin-Chan anime series after a fan sent us a VHS tape many moons ago. If the rights weren't tied up at the time there would have been a good chance of the Cartoon Network running the series back in the late '90's, after we duped it off for our Space Ghost producers. Sarah even netted a finder's fee for bringing the series to their attention (It's ironic that we ended up working on the Funimation/Adult Swim version of the series years after the fact, which as some of you know, ended when Funimation let us go without telling us. But I digress).

We had picked up some of the un-translated manga in sale bins at the Edgewater Kinokuniya (boy, do I miss that store), and bought the first series of translated books -- I think Comics 1 put those out. DC/CMX has been releasing the series with, I assume, new (and better - Comics 1 put out incredibly choppy stuff) translations. 

Anyway, very sad news.

Read The First 10 Pages of Beasts of Burden #1 For Free

Found this on twitter a few minutes ago, after Eric Powell re-tweeted it from Dark Horse Comics:

"Everyone is falling in love with Beasts of Burden, so we're giving you the first ten pages for free:

So, I dunno, either people like the book for real, or DHC is panicking because it's a grade-A stinker and they want to unload some copies asap.

Either way, you can read the first ten pages of Beasts of Burden #1 for free, here.

And, in case you still haven't checked them out, the first three short Beasts of Burden stories are available, also for free, by clicking on the following links.


The Unfamiliar

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

The fourth short  story, "A Dog and his Boy", hasn't been posted. It's where Ace was bitten by a werewolf. You can find that in The Dark Horse Book of Monsters, which some libraries and comic shops have available. Otherwise, it's the one where they meet a boy who turns out to be a werewolf. And Ace gets bit. And that's pretty much everything you might need to know along with the links above. If you like what DHC has been dishing out for free, go grab yourself a copy of the entire first issue this week. It should still be available at your local comic shop, unless they sold out or didn't order it.  It's also available online from mail order sellers.

Issue #2 ships October 21st, iirc.

Over and out.