October 3rd, 2009


Emily's Panel For Daddy

Sometime back in May, Emily decided she would provide me with an idea for a panel for my comics so my work would go faster.

The panel would be called "Emily's panel for daddy", and it was described to me as featuring:

"...a monster with ten horns, eight arms, a red nose and eleven feet, chasing a mummy. And a ghost with black eyes, a black nose and a black mouth is chasing the monster."

So I drew Emily's panel.

Emily likes it even though the ghost's eyes aren't all black as specified. I liked how it looked and she was okay with it. She's a tough editor, but she does allow for some personal expression.  Besides, we can fix it for her on the computer when it gets colored. Win-win.

Anyway, it didn't help make my work go any faster, but it made my day.