October 4th, 2009


New Auctions Up on eBay: Art, Comics, Toys, Vintage Marvel Stickers

We've got some more stuff up on eBay, a batch of artwork and a bunch of toys/collectibles and some books/comics we're shedding.

The artwork is mostly layout roughs from some of my magazine and commercial gigs, layouts for the TCM.com 2000 Maniacs comic strip, 8 pages of fairly tight Fairly Oddparents layouts for a Nick Magazine comic, a Milk and Page layout for the Furries strip done for MySpace Dark Horse Presents, and a rough sketch for a Hulk drawing I did for a charity auction. Also two Mad Magazine illustrations, the inked version of the Ron Jeremy/Cookie Monster spot, and a Yankee Stadium/Yankee Fans piece done for the latest issue, #501. The latter is offered along with the layout roughs and a copy of the magazine it was published in.

Books include a Japanese Astro Boy compendium and two copies of the rare/obscure NYC art comic anthology Nozone, featuring two David Mazzucchelli strips along with work by Mark Marek, Joost Swarte, Peter Kuper and others.

Collectibles include: a Hideshi Hino vinyl Frankenstein's Monster figure, a vinyl figure/statue featuring characters from the Maruo Suehiro manga Mr Arashi's Amazing Freakshow, a large lot of loose Kenner Batman/Superman animated figures (inc. a custom figure Sarah made for me), a lot of loose Playmates Classic Star Trek figures (crew and monsters), a Hallmark 1940's-style Superman statue, an oversized promotional King Joe figure from Ultra-Seven.

The killer offering, for me, is an unused sheet of vintage Marvel superhero character stickers from 1974, featuring 22 stickers of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Conan, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, The Thing, and Luke Cage, Power Man/Hero For Hire/Whatever. The ads for these were ubiquitous in the Marvel comics -- there was a DC counterpart, iirc. Older fans will know what I'm talking about without even seeing an image, mostly Kirby and Romita full poses of superheroes against colored circles, the ad showing some lucky little bastard sticking them on his bedroom walls. I wanted these more than life itself as a nine-year old geekanerd, along with the "working submarine", rubber monster masks, 8mm reels from old monster movies, various model kits, the Jack Davis "life-size" Frankenstein Monster, the "huge" army and navy and revolutionary war sets (that tuned out to be two-dimensional) but I never had the money to order anything through the mail, either through comics or Famous Monsters or The Monster Times. Plus, I always worried it was a scam. Even as a kid I was cynical and paranoid (not always a bad thing, I would have been pissed to gte a box of two-dimensional puny soldiers). Anyway, I got these from a friend years ago, and I kind of want to keep them and have avoided selling them on a few occasions. But I'll never use them, and they're in my flat art file along with other things I barely look at, and obviously if we're selling things it means we can use the dough. I have the photos if I ever feel the need to look at them again.

Anyway, the auctions are here. Starting bids are super-reasonable, imo. Take a look, even if it's just to take a look. Some folks like seeing layout stuff, and the stickers are cool to see.