November 25th, 2009


Work In Progress

Mentioned this in an earlier post, this is the Marvel villains piece I'm working on for a charity auction.

For laughs I went ahead and penciled as many characters as I could without using any reference, just relied on the addled old fan noggin to see how it went. Funny how close but how far you get resorting to memory, the basics usually fall into place, but the details and arrangement of same are almost never on the money. I got close to the target on a few like Doc Doom , Doc Octopus, The Sandman, and The Scorpion, I'll likely find mistakes on these but between the simplistic versions and the fact that the costume details change constantly in the old comics (and that the piece measures 9" by 6"), I'm leaving well enough alone.

I screwed up Magneto several times already even though I know his outfit pretty well after doing a commission with him a few months back. I just haven't liked the way I've drawn him, he's been the big stumbling block so far for some reason. Can't recall much about a number of these goofs save some basic shapes and details, guessing heavily on Modok, The Leader, Loki, The Ringmaster, The Puppet Master and The Abomination, among others, I expect to be doing quite a bit of erasing on those when I break the old comics out. I'll need them for sure to finish up Klaw, Annihilus (barely sketched in), The Enchantress and the Executioner (ditto), etc. I'm drawing blanks on The Super Adaptoid (fitting), the Mandarin, Baron Mordo, they may not make it into the final piece. Ditto The Eel. I've failed at including The Plant Man and The Porcupine, and every time I tried to fit The Beetle in it didn't work, even though I can pretty much draw that idiot by heart. I put a HYDRA agent tin there but somehow another one slipped in and I didn't have room or time for that nonsense, so they're out. Would like to put The Destroyer in there, The Cobra, Attuma, Electro, Kraven, hell, a dozen or three other pen and ink childhood memories, but I'm almost out of space as it is.

Anyway, I started hitting the comics a few weeks back and used them to fix the Rhino and Batroc (I used the cartoony Batroc I drew for the Captain America: Red, White and Blue strip because I knew where the book was, the Rhino ref came from the 70's Spider-man Marvel Treasury edition), but I haven't had a chance to do any work on the piece since then. Anyway, once I get everyone penciled I can ink it up and send it off for the auction, which I believe is slated for early 2010.