December 16th, 2009


News and Notes For Today and Tomorrow

Beasts of Burden was written up in USA TODAY. Jill and I were interviewed for the article, they also ran the cover for #4 and the first three pages as a preview, in case anyone hasn't seen them yet. It's a nice piece, and it says nice things about the series, which is certainly appreciated.

(BTW, #4 isn't supposed to be out today, as the article states. It ships next week. I'm not really sure where the confusion about this came from, the previews running on several sites list the date as today, but Diamond has it listed for the 23rd, and DHC has told me it ships next week.)

Both Sarah and I are scheduled to be on SLG Radio tomorrow, airing on the internet at 5 PM EST. We'll be speaking with host Dan Vado about health insurance and other financial/career issues for cartoonists. For more info, and how to listen in live or via the archives, go here.

It's possible I'll be calling in to SLG Radio tomorrow from a comic shop, as I'll be one of the creators signing at the Comic Book Jones second anniversary event being held here on Satan Island. Signings, a sale, and an after-party for those of drinking age are in the offerings. So, come on down. Or over. Or whatever. It should be fun.

I think that's it. My thanks to those folks who chimed in on the health insurance conversation, especially professionals sharing their experiences and advice. I hope the conversation gave a few people something to think about regarding their own situation and career.

Hope to see some of you HOF faithful at the Jones event tomorrow, otherwise, type to you soon.