January 9th, 2010


Three Hardcover Books

In the coming months I will have my name appear in three upscale-type hardcover comic book collections. My contribution to two of them  amounts to a grant total  of two pages, exactly one page in each volume -- a pin-up and a script for a one-page strip.

So, this is not a pitch for anyone to pick these two books up because you like my stuff, just passing along some information on some upcoming stuff which will be bearing the unfortunate word "Dorkin" on them somewhere.

First up:

DC Comics
200 pg, 11"x17.5", full color, HC
$49.99 US

On sale MAY 26 

Yeah, this is the big-time deal with the big-time comic book creators working on the big-time characters, and a number of you probably have this big book pre-ordered already. They're tossing in the two file strips editor Mark Chiarello commissioned in case any of the creators fell behind on a deadline, a Creeper one-pager written by Keith Giffen
with art by Eric Canete, and a Plastic Man strip I wrote and the great Stephen DeStefano drew.

So, cool, I get a free big comic book for my one piddling page. Pretty nifty.

Bongo Comics
208 pgs, 7" x10", slipcased HC, full color

I also have one piddling page in this fancy-shmancy, nicely-priced Bongo book collecting the two Simpsons/Futurama series they did in 2002 and 2005. They're including a pin-up gallery done by by folks like Sergio Aragones (I'm pretty sure Bill Morrison told me Sergio's in there, the solicit material doesn't list the pin-up artists). They're also tossing in a fascimile reprint of Simpsons Comics #1 from 1993 in there. Anyway, I did a Bender/Homer pin-up, a parody of the Forbidden Planet movie poster with Bender hauling a drunken Homer around and a lot of Duff Beer in the sky and on the planet surface. I think it came out pretty nifty, Sarah aped the poster typeface and we tossed some jokes into the fake credits of "Forbeerin' Planet" and it'll be in the book and I'll get another cool book in the mail for my meager efforts. I could get used to this sort of thing, honest.

And, finally, a book I actually did a bunch of stuff for:

Dark Horse Comics
Evan Dorkin (W) and Jill Thompson (A)
On sale June 16, full color hardcover,
8" x 11"
168 pages

Includes all the original stories from the Dark Horse Book of . . . anthologies Jill and I did, plus the four-issue limited series that just ended in Dec, 2009. And the new image Jill painted for the cover, as seen above.

It should also include some extras, including a new page we're tossing into the "Gathering Storm" story because we want the antagonist reveal page to fall just right in the collection (Jill had to break pg one of the script into two pages because it didn't work the way I wrote it, there wasn't enough room for everything. The additional page threw off the page turns). Jill's painting the new page now, which means I get to write a little more dialogue for Pugs, which is always fun. I think we may also have some of Jill's sketches and unpublished art in there, maybe some of her illustrations done for the print she gave out at the NYC Comic Book Jones/Bergen St. Comics signings and whatnot. I know she has a nice watercolor done of the Getaway Kid and his cat gang (The Swifties, never managed to mention them by name in the series).

Anyway, we'll see what shakes out. Whatever else ends up in the book, I think DHC made this one hell of an attractive package for retailers and readers. $20 for 168 pages, most of which are lush, full-color Jill Thompson watercolors? In hardcover? And they even kicked the size up a little to show off Jill's work (keep in mind the four anthology stories were printed quite a bit smaller than comic-sized, so there's an extra treat right there).
Anyone who has any complaints about the plans for this book can get wished into the goddamned cornfield. I mean, honestly, this is an affordable, attractive book with beautiful artwork. A number of folks liked the stories, too. No, really. 

Okay, so there's some stuff that's coming up that I am associated with. Hopefully I'll know soon when some of the Bart Simpson strips I've been doing for Bongo will be sprinkled into the book. I'm inking another Bart one-pager this weekend for Sarah to color, after that I start the art for the 15-page Treehouse story I wrote last year. That's going to be a dense strip, a lot of stuff going on, a lot of detail and chicken fat, I'm gonna end up wanting to strangle the writer before too long, I just know it. Hell, I want to strangle him now.