January 12th, 2010


Another Round of HOF E-Bay Auctions

We're selling more stuff from our collection on e-bay, mostly art by others, along with some books, toys, and other odds and ends. As you may notice, some of the art pieces have been signed to me personally, which means, nope, didn't plan on selling these. Things happen. Like the utility pole incident which we still have to get our money back from the city. In the meantime, e-bay ahoy!

Auctions up right now include a Dan Clowes con sketch, a nice Don Flowers gag panel original, a bunch of Dan DeCarlo Archie/Betty and Me/Josie pages, a Kyle Baker Who's Who drawing, a Sal Buscema Defenders page, a Jim Mooney Spider-Man page, The Blade Runner sketchbook, Avengers (UK show) paperbacks, the Steve Rude Sketchbook, portfolios w/Wally Wood and Jack Kirby art, a limited edition Bruce Timm signed and numbered Marvel print, some action figures (Giant Robo, Gigantor, Kamen Rider and -- ye gods, the Fly! Giving you the mutated thumbs up!). Also a camera and a Milk and Cheese drawing. And some other stuff.

Oh, and an insane Curt Swan Lois Lane page where she makes out with Comet the Super Horse while he's in human form. And stinks of the barn.

Our E-bay auctions are here.

Thanks for looking, and if you bid, thanks for bidding.