February 4th, 2010


New Fun: Fred Williams - Husband, Father, War Vet, Wage-Earner and Alcoholic

Click on strip to make legible.

Please keep in mind, folks, that these newer Fun Strips I've been uploading haven't had the benefit of being cleaned up in Photoshop by Sarah. So, you may experience choppier-than-usual lettering, shabby white-ink corrections and the like. Unfortunately, the jokes will be the same no matter what Sarah does to the artwork, if they don't work, nothing will save them.

While I've got your ear, or eye, and/or brain (ewww!), Beasts of Burden readers might be interested in this nice review of the series from Tom Spurgeon over at The Comics Reporter, and/or this brief (for em, at least) interview about the upcoming hardcover collection at the Comic Monsters site.

Otherwise: Kinda spending the day doing administrative work, convention and appearance stuff, interviews, posting and plugging, dealing with business e-mails, the stuff that doesn't feel like working but still is part of what you do. I'm also getting on top of the thesis advisor work I'm doing for a student at the CCS. This afternoon Sarah finished coloring four spot illos we did for Mad Magazine, so, if all goes well, I can get back to my two main gigs tonight (a script and layouts for a Bongo strip). Friends of mine are getting together tonight, and I don't see anyone much, and I wanted to go out, but, well, right now work wins. I really can't complain, it's good to have work.

All for now -- thanks to those folks who have placed bids on the PBA charity piece I drew, it's doing even better than I'd hoped and it's nice to see that people are interested in it.