February 22nd, 2010


Beasts of Burden Nominated For a Rondo Award

I don't usually get too worked up over awards and stuff (well, unless you count my occasional rants about the failings of most awards programs), but I have to admit I geeked out a bunch to find out earlier tonight that Beasts of Burden got a nomination for Best Horror Comic Book of 2009 in the 8th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. And Beasts of Burden is by Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin and that's me (the one with the totally ass name), so, cool and huzzah and yay for us! One for the home team! Or whatever. We're not a home team. I don't know why I wrote that.

The Rondo Awards seem to be a very easy-going, cool fan awards program. I found out about it last year because a website I follow was  nominated (The Horrors of it All, a great horror comic blog, it's been nominated again this year for best site) . What's nifty about the Rondos is that winners get awards that feature the sculpted likeness of Rondo Hatton, who appeared in several Universal horror pictures and is known primarily through his role of The Creeper in House of Horrors and The Brute Man. And who wouldn't want a cool-looking little Rondo Hatton bust with their name on it sitting on their bookshelf? Well, a lot of folks, I guess (my mom wouldn't like it, but she's not nominated, so ha-ha on her). But I sure as hell would love one. So, yeah, for a moment I totally geeked and thought I had a shot at a little Rondo Hatton bust. Then I looked at the rest of the nominees more carefully and realized Jill and I are up against folks and projects like Mike Mignola/Hellboy and Eric Powell/The Goon...so, oh, well. But, hey, we got nominated!  And my mom didn't! 

If folks want to vote in the awards, all they have to do is go here and follow the instructions, it's open to everyone but ballot-stuffers, the undead and my mom. Of course I'd appreciate any support shown for Jill and I and the series, but I'm not pushing it, these things go the way they're gonna go. I'm not clearing space on the shelf, if you get me. As for myself, I realized I can't really vote in most of the categories because of my extremely limited media exposure -- I can vote for best website (Karswell's The Horror of it All, he busts his buttons scanning and posting great old horror comics), maybe best audio site, and a few of the visual/nostalgia-based categories. But I haven't seen any of the movie or tv nominees -- I know, what kind of geek am I, anyway? An overwhelmed, no-cable, no-time geek, that's what kind. Hopefully I'll catch up sometime soon, I'm dying to plop down on the couch and watch some horror movies, classics, clunkers, 70's, 80's, recent...it's been a drought.

Meant to actually post something about horror flicks tonight but got sidetracked by this and some other things. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow I'm not looking forward to, but what can you do. I sold another short Bart Simpson script to Bongo today and that gave me a boost. The "secret" projects are shaping up and hopefully will be announced sooner rather than later, they're moving along okay, the first is almost finished and I'm pretty excited about them. I also saw the finished art on a short anthology strip I wrote and it looked really nifty. So, things are bouncing around here at the H.O.F., which is always a good thing. I think.

"Bouncing around --?" What the hell does that mean? Ugh.