February 26th, 2010


Update: Season 3 Yo Gabba Gabba! Airdates/Beasts of Burden HC

Some really good news this week for the H.O.F: Sarah learned yesterday that two Yo Gabba Gabba! episodes we co-wrote (with Christian Jacobs, aka The Bat Commander) have been scheduled to air on Nick Jr during the Season 3 premiere week starting March 8th. Keen!  So, unless we hear differently, keep an eye out for "Bugs" on March 9th, and "Superhero" on March 11th. The March 8th premiere episode will be "Circus", with guest star Al Yankovic as Ringmaster (see a preview clip of the episode here), and other announced guests for Season 3 include Sarah Silverman, Anthony Bourdain, Weezer and Of Montreal. According to the YGG! website the airtime for the episodes is 10:30 am EST/PST, with, I'm sure, repeated airings throughout the week/schedule. I assume they're going to run them on Nick Jr, but the site simply listed "Nickelodeon". I'm sure you folks can figure it out.

We haven't seen "Bugs" yet, but we have seen "Superhero" and we think it turned out really, really well. The guest stars are Mos Def (!), The Aquabats (!), and Devo (!!! -- energy domes in full effect!) (btw, please take a moment to participate in Devo's new Color Study). Plus! Biz Markie does a Beat of the Day, and the jingle segment features the superhero design work of about two dozen artists and cartoonists, including comic creators/H.O.F. friends Zander ("Boom-Boom") Cannon and Todd ("World Wide") Webb. I think Jordan Crane was on the credits list as well. Crazy, huh? Crazy, yes! We had a B-L-A-S-T (that spells "good time") working on this episode, we got to put a lot of character cameos in the episode, a few Sentai visual references,  we designed a new character suit, and we also wrote and art-directed the Story Time segment, which features the return of a certain super-heroine some of you might remember from Season 1 (Hint: She's "here to help!"). One of the best/most fun experiences we've had in our "T.V. Careers", and I think it shows on screen. Everybody really pulled it together and made this a pretty swell episode.  See for yourself next month, and bring the kids.

In comic-book news, by now all the design work for the Beasts of Burden hardcover collection should be finished, and the book is either on its way to the printer or on the flight deck. Jill and I are very happy with the way the book looks and I'd like to thank Tina Alessi at Dark Horse for her design work for it. I cannot wait until June to hold a copy in my hands.

For those of you not sick of hearing about the series, there's what I think is a pretty interesting interview with Jill Thompson and I up now at Newsarama. It covers some things I don't think we've discussed before, especially some matters that fall into Jill's domain. The interview can be found here. Thanks to Chris Arrant at Newsarama for helping us spread the word.

Oh, we also have some more stuff up on e-Bay, Sarah's put up a slew of vintage sewing patterns up for auction, as well as copies of the  retro-style/culture magazine Atomic. Auctions are ending soon, you can see them here.  More of our holdings will be on the chopping block soon, possibly some more art and Japanese toys, depends on how work and snow falls in the next few days.

Otherwise, there's some light at the end of the chunnel as far as the script I'm working on goes, I recently got to work with Hilary Barta on a short piece of mayhem, and next month I'll be juggling art duties on a Bongo strip while working on another script. Fingers crossed everything comes out even, as they said in Bread and Jam for Francis. We might actually make it out of 2010 alive.

Over and out.