September 22nd, 2010


This Just In

The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror #16 is in stores today. I hope those of you who pick it up enjoy the story Sarah and I worked on. 15 pages of mayhem, with over 100 characters in the mix somewhere. Unless word balloons covered them up. Between 90 and 108, let's say. With one "celebrity" cameo from the show. Can you spot it? Do you care? There are no prizes being offered, let's forget the whole thing.

I will be a special guest of the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on December 4th. I'm chuffed to have been invited, that's a heavy artsy guest list and I feel like an odd man out on that roster. But I'm going, anyway, nyah. Gonna pick up a couple of dames with Irwin Hasen after the show. You bet.

I will also be signing at the Dark Horse Booth at this year's NYCC mega-sprawl event. Most likely on Saturday. I will not have a table set up, just fyi, so if you want a copy of Beasts of Burden signed, or the Hellboy/Beasts crossover (fingers crossed it will be available by then), please come on by at the right time, I haven't signed any copies of the collection yet and am really hoping to ruin a few with my graceless signature. Guests I'd like to see at the show: petty much only Puffy. Maybe Irwin Hasen will saunter by and we can pick up some giggly booth babes who've never seen a hundred dollar bill before, show them the west side. That Irwin, he's a dog, he is.

Finally, we have some art and collectible items that didn't sell last time around re-listed on eBay, with new, lower "oh, well, how about this, then?" starting bids. A Dork page from #11, only $75. C'mon, that's ridiculous and even I know it. Also, a new Milk and Cheese "cel" from the trading card set is up for grabs, one of the few we have left.

And that's the latest from the not-so-greatest.

Dinner time!
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