November 11th, 2010


Art on E-Bay

We have put up another round of artwork on e-Bay, for folks to potentially bid on and help keep the House of Fun funded to some degree.

This time around there's a nice Bill and Ted's semi-splash page inked by Stephen DeStefano (from issue #2),  a page from the Kamandi story I drew for Bizarro World, a Milk and Cheese trading card cel, a lot of 8 or so designs, mouth/expression charts and stuff from the Welcome to Eltingville pilot, that Unus the Untouchable pin-up I recently posted here, a Mad Magazine illustration and some Superman Adventures designs (Solomon Grundy from an unfinished pitch and General Zod from the first Supergirl comic we wrote). I also put up one of the little "Monster" drawings I've done, a rejected version of "Der Kommisar" (I finished it but decided to re-do it, don't remember why) .

You can see the auctions here.

Thanks for your time and attention.