November 22nd, 2010


What We've Been Up To Lately


We turned in our two Super-Martian-Robot-Girl stories for the Oni Yo Gabba Gabba! anthology. Late, unfortunately, even after a delayed start that was not of our doing, I ended up drawing more than I had expected/planned, costing us time and giving Sarah a lot to color. Less than the Simpson's job, more than I'd have liked. Maybe trying to put as many characters into the second strip finale wasn't the best idea, but I just couldn't  leave out some of the monsters and whatnot from the cartoon episodes. I'm a helpless fanboy slob when it comes to those things, what can I say? But it looks good.

According to the Comiclist website, the second printing of Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites is shipping Dec 22nd, 2010. I hope that's the case, it would be great to have that available again sooner rather than later. Even Amazon's out of it now. Speaking of Beasts of Burden, I'm starting work on some new short story scripts around the start of the new year. No schedule or dates set yet, as soon as I can say more I'll say more.

Between then and now I'm finishing up a guest cover for DHC and then drawing a ten-page Bart Simpson story that I wrote for Bongo some time last year. I might start work on some anthology stuff and some more licensed character stuff in the next few weeks, not sure how that's shaping up.

The Mad Spy Vs. Spy Special is out now, featuring pin-ups by Bob Staake, Peter Bagge, Tom Bunk, Jim Lee and Sarah and myself. I'm really happy with the way our piece came out, and Emily is now a Spy Vs Spy fan after reading the Special. I haven't shown her the Complete Spy vs Spy book that we were sent as reference yet.


I read and enjoyed Lucky in Love, by George Chiefeet and Stephen DeStefano, published by Fantagraphics. Great book, with world-class virtuoso cartooning, makes me wish the second book was imminent. Stephen is a friend and I didn't pay for the book but that doesn't affect my opinion of the work. The story is fun and engaging, sometimes depressing and at times riveting, detailing the life of a small Italian-American named Lucky and his travails growing up -- his family life, his friends, women (and the lack thereof), his  (non-combat) service in World War 2. It also deals with truth and its permutations, how we fool ourselves and others,  Hollywood "truth", military distortion, misconception, white lies, bullshitting amongst friends, lying to make others feel better, self-deception, corruption. The art evokes Kurtzman and Gross and even Tezuka in the design of one female character, intentional or not. But it's all DeStefano brilliance, classic construction, composition, depiction, distortion, exaggeration, gesture, line work, design, detail -- the ditched airplane dream sequence alone is worth the price of admission, a terrific sequence that might make you think of a lost Frontline Combat  nightmare without the set piece feeling like a superficial fan homage. Other than a little heavy-handedness here and there in the script I had no problems with this little gem. Check it out if you like comics.

I lost my wallet. Considering the state of things, and the fact that I only had a few dollars in the wallet, the worst thing about it is that I really loved my trusty red Tintin wallet, a gift from Sarah from a ways back, and hated to see it go. The replacement is another gift from Sarah from a ways back, a blue, European-style Tintin wallet. The red wallet held up so well I never needed the replacement. Hopefully I won't lose this one as well.

We took Emily to her third Aquabats concert, and had a nice time hanging out afterward with the Bat Commander and company. Emily had fun but I think she enjoyed hanging out in the tour bus more than anything. We saw some funny video of the Bat Commander ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. A nice break for the family.

I'm reading a lot of Lovercraft. Borrowed from the library, along with a Jason book and the first volume of Detroit Metal City or whatever that manga's called. Not much time to read lately, but the Lovecraft's kinda work-related, so, gotta catch up on it.

Still haven't found Shyly Horniram but I haven't exactly looked that hard for him. I'll get a picture of him up here one day, though. Satyr Masters FTW.

All for now.