November 23rd, 2010


Art For Sale For Our Cat's Sake

Our cat, Crushinto, aka Crushy, aka The Orphan, has to go to the vet tomorrow, he's got blood in his eye and it could be from high blood pressure, from some kind of trauma he's suffered, or from the effects of age and winding down. Whatever it is, we'd of course like to have him examined and we're in a financial crunch at the moment and so in an effort to come up with the necessary funds for an exam we've dropped the prices on our art for sale page and will be putting up some e-bay auctions of art (and stuff) asap. We'll also have more art available up on the website asap and if anyone is looking for something they aren't seeing please feel free to ask.  I'll also be happy to take commissions if anyone's interested, they'll take some time owing to prior commitments but I figured I'd throw that out there. Prices vary, the average Milk and Cheese commission piece I do in b&w is around $200, but I can do smaller stuff, whatever.

We'll be taking Crushy in tomorrow whatever happens, as he needs to be looked at. The situation isn't good because if he needs expensive treatment we're not in a position to take care of that, as much as we love him. We also don't want to drag out his time if he's in bad shape, we don't think that's fair to an animal and we went through that accidentally with a misdiagnosis on our cat, Pixie, who was far sicker than just the thyroid condition we were having him treated for. Crushy's at least 13 (we'll never know exactly, as we rescued him from the street after he was abandoned by neighbors, which is why he was called "The Orphan", and where the name/character came from for the orange tabby in Beasts of Burden), it's very possible he's just leaving us, it's his time, and this is the last night we'll have with him. But we obviously want to make sure of what the situation is, it could possibly be high blood pressure and the medicine might be something we can scrape up month-to-month. We're unfortunately in freelancer cash flow purgatory during what has been a tough year (decade). Anyway, I know there are far more dire emergencies and greater causes out there, we're not looking for any handouts, just seeing if anyone wants some of our stuff cheaper than it usually goes for. Our art sales always go towards paying the bills, this one just happens to involve our pet who's going through his own rough time. We want to do right by him, it's not his fault we're not doing better. 

Okay. Thanks for your time. Hopefully we won't have to post this sort of thing again. And hopefully tomorrow won't be as awful as I'm afraid it might be. Fingers crossed.