December 7th, 2010


I've Got Spies

This was the H.O.F.'s contribution to the Mad Magazine Special devoted to Antonio Prohias' wonderful Spy vs Spy characters. As a fan of the strip from childhood, I have to admit I was pretty geeked out to have been asked to do one of the five new pin-ups included in the Special (the others are by Peter Bagge, Bob Staake, Tom Bunk and Jim Lee). I think Sarah and I did a pretty good job of it, to be honest -- it's rare that I do something I'm really happy with, but this is one of those times.

I ended up drawing a lot more Spies than we needed for the background, I could have drawn a dozen more, I was having a really good time with it. I thought I drew a lot but the Tom Bunk piece out-details all of us combined by far -- he turned in a two-page spread of scores of Spies and death contraptions, a Grand Guignol ala Rube Goldberg and Prohias. Pretty intense.

BTW -- This is a low-resolution image, kids! Buy a copy -- it's still on supermarket shelves! We've seen copies in our local Stop And Shop. Sorta kinda maybe CHEAP!

Tell them Evan Dorkin sent you -- and they'll say, "Who the %$&#! is that?"