December 12th, 2010


Yet Even More HOF On E-BAY Action

Yes, yes, y'all, another batch of H.O.F. art is up on e-Bay, timed to coincide with the gift-buying season. That's us, all right, the Walmart of comic art. True,  no one gets trampled in the rush, but I may rectify that with a Milk and Cheese "Black Friday" strip some day.

In the meantime, the very mean time, we have a semi-wide variety of funnybook art on the chopping block, guaranteed fun for everyone (unless they don't like this sort of stuff): two Milk and Cheese pieces (a small inked drawing and the back cover comic from the original Fun With Milk and Cheese collection), an old Pirate Corp$! page featuring Kyle Baker's Cowboy Wally (drawn by Kyle Baker), two more little Monster drawings that I ended up not using, some Super Martian Robot Girl production art used on Yo Gabba Gabba! (along with some SMRG sketches for the first cartoon segment), a Kid Blastoff lot including art and Sarah's color guides for the Disney Adventures run, the last of the Bizarro Comics Superman/Batman pages I intend to sell, the Simpsons/Futurama pin-up from the crossover collection, a Mad spot illo, a Nickelodoen Magazine gag panel (with layour rough)...and I think that's about it. A spectrum of stuff, starting bids as low as $10 on the smaller drawings, all priced to sell to those who still have disposable incomes in this day and age.

Oh, yeah, and then there's this thing, which I remember drawing for some specific reason, but the reason escapes me. I think somebody asked for it and then didn't want it. Maybe that someone was me.Well,  I don't want it, I have the pages from the strip, I'm good with these two idiots. So now it's on e-Bay looking for a home, and starting at $20 owing to its smallness of stature and humbleness of ambition. And stupidness. And other made-up baby words I can't be bothered with at the moment. 

As always...oh, Zod in heaven, as always...thanks for your time, your attention, your interest, and any bids.

I'm so tired...
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