January 1st, 2011


2010 In Flames

Although the above self-portrait was done a few weeks ago (a commission), it pretty much sums up this past week, which was pretty awful save for my swell family and Emily's sixth birthday celebration.

Chalk it up to being sick and under the weather at what is normally one of my favorite times, the stretch from Christmas up until New Year's Eve. Oh, and yeah, the blizzard didn't help, nor did the city's weak-ass response in clearing my neighborhood (and so many others), the cabin fever, the dizziness that prevented me from doing much reading or anything else. But Emily's been having a blast with her holiday and birthday gifts, all of which seem to have been hits, and she's been a happy litlle girl, and that's more than good enough. Also, Crushy the cat's still with us, we ran out on Friday to get some more medicine for him because the snow kept us from going in earlier for a full appointment. We'll have to take him back in Monday for a check-up, he's responded very well to the medication he's on for high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, now Sarah's sick. I have that effect on people. Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow.

Anyway, I was too messed up to get any real work done, although I did write a few things fueled by fever dreams a few days ago. But mostly, work's a real mess. I have a batch of commissions in various stages of completion sitting on the board, along with a Mad job that was under control but is now in deadline trouble, a Simpsons gig that's fallen farther behind, and a short script I thought I'd have done by now which is now only almost done now. So, that needs attending to, which means ixnay on a few blog posts I was planning on writing, some flummery about 2010 and 2011, about work, about this ridiculous industry, about a few things that are really pissing me off in comics and in the larger world, where the real bad stuff happens, the stuff many of us react to by making comics about anything but the bad stuff.

So, yeah, 2010. Didn't like it. Thumbs down on 2010. Worse than 2009? Oh, yeah. Set it on fire, by all means. Just stay away from the smoke, lest you be poisoned by the fumes like the guys in Return of the Living Dead. 

Quick Flummery:

2010: The year in movies: I liked Toy Story 3. I think that's the only modern film I saw in 2010. Ponyo. Was Ponyo released in 2010? Didn't see anything in a theater, I think that's six years now that the streak continues. We thought about seeing something in the theater, Emily was interested in Tangled, but apparently NYC did away with matinees and kid prices, at least in our area. Screw that. We have better popcorn, anyway. So that's the year in movies.

I don't think I read any books published in 2010. At least none I can remember offhand. I read some comics published in 2010. Not a ton, but I enjoyed: Market Day, Lucky in Love, Prince Valiant Vol 2, Four Colored Fear, Captain Easy vol 1, the Reid Fleming collection, Polly And Her Pals, Detroit Metal City, Hellboy, the Felix the Cat comic collection, Thirteen Going on Eighteen, Black Jack, Yotsuba&!, and obviously there's a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting. Kate Beaton's online stuff. Dustin Harbin's Diary Comics. I can't ever do a Best of the Year list because you miss so many titles, it would have to be a Best of What I Personally Wrangled, Borrowed or Was Sent. Then I'd need to find a list of what I read, because some of the books have been packed up.

I read part of Wilson in the store, and liked it, but still don't have a copy. Ditto Weathercraft. We don't have the Scary Godmother collection but we have the old, individual books, which are swell. This list stuff isn't working out too well.

I heard some music by the Thermals, The Black Hollies, The Electric Six and the Aquabats and a lot of stuff I liked on WFMU. That single by The Like about a boy someones trying to change, great single. No lists, no memory, basically, I just listen to Sarah's mixes and WFMU. You hear things you like that way, but it doesn't make for a Year End list if you have a lizard brain like I do. The musical discovery for us this year is likely The Maddox Brothers and Rose, which Emily has really taken to. I think we got into them through The Hound's blog. Not sure.

This was a mistake.

So, yeah, whoopee. What did you like in 2010 (that I didn't work on)? Let me know, we never talk anymore.

Gotta go help make dinner, I was supposed to be down there ages ago and forgot because I'm an idiot. 
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