January 23rd, 2011


The State of the House of Fun is On Fire

As some of you may have noticed, the blog has been a bit of a ghost town for a while, and if that bums anybody out a little, well, it bums me out a lot. I like having and updating my little mutant letters page, exhibit space and soapbox hybrid, and I get a bit antsy when I'm away from it for a stretch. I don't get out of the house much, my social group imploded a ways back, and I am not the most gregarious cartoonist in NYC, so this space on the world wide web keeps me feeling somewhat connected to the outside world. Or the outside comics world (Zod help me). Or something like that. Whatever. Anyway. Posting has tapered off largely due to the fact that I've been sick for a month and am dealing with what has pretty much become a pain in the everything. While what I'm dealing with won't be permanent, life-threatening or damaging and is far from anything anyone would want to make a movie-of-the-week about (do they still make those?), it is something that's pretty effectively taken the wind out of my sails, and on occasion, kicked my ass for me pretty good. 

I'm not able to get a hell of a lot done at the moment, which not only accounts for the sparse blogging (as well as tweeting) but is impacting heavily on my work schedule. Things are getting done, only more slowly than usual, I've only been able to work for short periods of time at the board or at the computer and I'm sleeping (or more accurately, trying to sleep) often.  I've turned in a short script, I'm working on another, Sarah and I turned in a two-page spread for Mad and I pitched a piece to Mad that went over well (unfortunately, circumstances conspired to kill it for the time being, but I pitched something else spun from it, so who knows). I've started back up on the Bongo art gig that I began last month, I sent out the particulars on a project that is being mulled over by a publisher, and I've nosed along some commissions into various stages of completion (I'll be posting more of those once customers see/receive them). But on the whole, the past month has been a bit of a goocher. 

Notes, in brief:

I've been meaning to plug some comics, books and zines folks have sent me in the past couple of months but I haven't been able to take care of that. Hopefully I can get to that sometime before I crumble to dust.

The three-page Mask strip I wrote and Hilary Barta drew has been collected in the latest (and last) MySpace Dark Horse Presents trade paperback. I think it came out last week. Or will be out next week. No link as my eyes are starting to hurt and I have to finish up and help Emily make popovers.

I'm planning on contributing a drawing to the Team Cul de Sac fund-raising project. No link but I'll be linking to it eventually as I plan to plug this effort again asap.

Folks waiting for commissions -- I'm working on them. Folks waiting a looong time for barter art -- I'm getting to them/working on them. I'm sorry, I feel like a jerk, if it helps, the longer a drawing takes, the better it ends up looking. It's true.

There are two things I really, really, really, really, really want to talk about with you folks. But I can't. I hope I can talk about them sometime this year. If I can, it should be a good year. Might be. Could be. Cripes, I thought 2010 was gonna be the turnaround. 

I just thought of another thing I can't talk about.

Chris Butcher at Comics 212 has started running the Fun Strips from various issues of Dork on his site again. I believe he just finished out the strips from issue #8. Link coming someday.  Feel free to Google this crap, folks. Keeps the fingers nimble. Anyway, my thanks to Chris for remembering my heyday.

Speaking of the Fun Strips, I've been working on a new batch in my spare moments. I probably shouldn't, because they don't have a home other than this moribund blog, and I have lots of other stuff to take care of. But I'm talking a few minutes a day, or every other day, or every six days, using them as warming up exercises, limbering up before I screw up some job I'm getting paid for. I also pull them out when everything I'm inking is drying and I've got nothing else better to do than start another sheet of paper I won't finish making marks on for a few months. I draw the strips larger now, if anyone cares. I finally threw in the towel on the 7 strips/28 panels-to-a-standard-comics page format I suckered myself into back in...cripes, I dunno, 1992 or 1993? Sometime around then. The eyes and hands ain't what they used to be, even before El Sicko blew into town. Some of the new strips have been completed, but I can't do the computer work necessary to get them cleaned up and posted here. I am still living in 1989. Which has to stop. In 2010 I hope to enter the world of 2002. Maybe. 1997? Anyway, a bunch of Broken Robot strips and some other crap are done. Is done. Either/or. Whatever. I hope to post some of them here some day. 

I've got two work-for-hire gigs floating in limbo at the moment. One extended story outline is waiting for approval from a corporate entity that owns the license, another outline is...well, I don't know what the heck's happened to that one. A bit of the "hurry up and wait" syndrome there, I hope it gets taken care of. It's a short gig but a fun one.

I've semi-recently added some more Cartoonist Photos to my Flickr account, as well as some things I've drawn. Also some photos of folks reading comics. There might be a link on the LJ homepage somewhere to that.

Our cat, Crushinto, aka Crushy, aka The Orphan, is doing about as well as an older cat with some ailments can be doing. My thanks, yet once again, to those who bought commissions and artwork during the Crushy Crisis. Hopefully he'll be with us for a little while yet. Emily was hoping he'd see her birthday, and he has, and then some. So, who knows. I guess that's the theme today, "who knows?". And the answer is: Not me. We'll also accept "Randolph Scott", as he is dead, and therefore, in the same boat. The Not-Knowing Boat, yes, that's the one.

Okay, I gotta go help with the popovers and get off the crazy glow-box for a while. Further posts may be limited for a while, and may consist mainly of images. Who knows? As for the goocher stuff, we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to be past this fairly soon, a couple of weeks, although there's no telling. I sure as hell hope it doesn't drag out into months, but it's possible. Yee-ha. But when it's done, it's done, and then I can focus on work and "life", whatever the hell that is. 


I feel better already.
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