February 25th, 2011


Interesting Times

Listening to director Frank Henenlotter being interviewed on WFMU.

Taking a break from penciling the fourth page of a ten-page Bart Simpson script I wrote.

Signed a contract a few days ago for a new project.

Was offered a very interesting job yesterday (I think we took it). 

Was asked to write something for Bongo last week. Sarah and I kicked ideas around over dinner. Pitched it after dinner. Sold it. That doesn't happen very often (not that I'm complaining). 

Got a cover design approved.

Got two offers to do album art. 

Started the next round of commissions/barter drawings.

Packaging up the last two pieces from the last round of E-bay art. 

Putting together another round of E-Bay auctions to help pay for car repairs. 

Picking up the car in the morning.

Working/sleeping vampire hours.

Missing my daughter a lot these last few days while I'm a vampire.

Working out a schedule for a project that I really hope happens.

Finishing up a Beasts of Burden script. 

The Goon issue I wrote will apparently be scheduled for the summer. 

Still waiting to hear back on a story outline an editor asked me to pitch. Been a few months. Not losing sleep over it, but I would like to do it.

Still waiting to hear back on another outline that needs to be approved by some suit at some company that owns some license so some company that makes comics can tell me to write some script. Not holding my breath. Might have to bail on it.

Still waiting for something kind of important to be finalized that I was really hoping would be finalized by now because it would be really good if it was finally finalized.  

Happy to learn that the city will compensate us for the money we laid out after a sanitation truck knocked our power line down during a snowstorm last year.

Finally watched The Mummy (Karloff version) after pulling it out in October for Halloween. 

Watched a documentary many of you have probably already seen called Darkon

Watched a brain-damaging, time-wasting 80's atrocity called Vicious Lips. It was fun because it's been a long time since we sat through a brain-damaging, time-wasting atrocity. But I still regret it.  

Thinking constantly about the phrase "When it rains, it pours."

Wishing I didn't lose nearly two months work time being sick.

Hoping to survive the year so this can all kick in and do us some good. 

Crossing fingers and trying to remain optimistic.

Getting back to work.