February 28th, 2011

the fly approves

The Latest Return of the H.O.F. Original Art Auctions

Yes, yes, it's that time again. The snow might be melting outside but the cash flow here is still frozen more solidly than Bobby Drake's nads in Siberia.  And the car needed repairs. So, another day, another offering of artwork on eBay.

Up for grabs this time: The inside front cover/page one art for the Fun With Milk and Cheese book (2000 edition), the inside front cover and first page of the first Dork collection, Who's Laughing Now? (feat. a number of the cast of characters from that series), two lots of production sketches from one of our Yo Gabba Gabba! Story Time segments, 3 pages of 80's DC tryout art (as seen on the LJ recently), two Mad magazine illo relists, a Fun strip page from Dork, a Mad Kids Game Boyz strip (w/logo), the Beetle (Marvel villain) pin-up I posted here a ways back, and the art for a Jim Hanley's Universe advertisement that ran in the CBG in the 80's.  Some things start cheap, some semi-cheap, the M&C thing not-so-cheap.

As always, appreciate folks taking a look, appreciate folks chucking us any bids.