March 16th, 2011


Also Unfinished

First, a plug: The Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book anthology from Oni is now out and available, we contributed two 5-page Super Martian Robot Girl stories. Other contributors include Philip Bond, J. Torres and Kelly Sue DeConnick, YGG designer/stalwart Parker Jacobs provided the cover artwork. We saw a copy today in the shop and I think it looks really nice. If you like the show, or your offspring likes the show, or you're simply stupid for comics, this might be of interest to your household.

And now the rest of the old comic book characters I never finished drawing:

I liked the way the tracing paper scanned on the last image and decided to not tweak it. I actually took this drawing further than the rest of these sketches, I now have two unfinished tight pencil drawings of him on bristol board to go along with this one. I liked the way this rough looked, but every time I tried to do a full pencil job that I could ink I tightened everything up and lost the thick, immediate lines, they might make competent drawings on their own but I wasn't happy enough with them to complete them. Even the 'fun" procrastination drawings I do stress me out. It's pretty goddamn ridiculous. 

Anyway, if folks want to point out who these three idiots are, go right ahead. A less obscure three-pack this time around, I'd say. Relatively speaking, of course. I mean, no one really knows this crap, sometimes I have to remind myself of that. 

For what reason, I do not know.