April 12th, 2011


Drawn, Drawn, Out of Boredom, Man ...

...it's the Demon, Etrigan.  

8" by 11", pen and ink and the need to draw something that I could finish semi-quickly, to give me a bit of a break while inking a batch of super-detailed Bart Simpson pages.

For some reason Jack Kirby's Demon came to mind. Not that that's a bad thing, I'm super-fond of the character, he was super-bad and he knew it, swaggering like a monster heel and kicking the crap out of villains while boasting about himself and what he was going to do to anyone who screwed with him. Not a lot of depth, no, that was for old gloom-puss Jason Blood, I guess, but I can't recall much about the human side of the equation other than the heroic brooding schtick. The Demon was a much-needed breath of foul air compared to most of the dullards populating 70'd DC funnybooks -- hell, he's still refreshing, when compared to today's weeping, whining, moping super-jerkoffs. And if nothing else, it's a swell character design, even if the King cribbed it from an early Hal Foster Prince Valiant strip. Bow down, ladies and gentleman. Get your lighters out and recognize.

Anyway, back to the board.