April 16th, 2011


Quick Mention: Auctions Ending Today

We have four re-listed auctions ending later today on eBay, Japanese toys and some HOF art that didn't move (or, in one case, wasn't paid for by the bidder). Kept forgetting to mention the fact until it was almost too late.

More art posts later, maybe later today, if all goes well. Trying to keep them going because I can't really post about what we're working on these days, mum's still the word on most of what we're up to. Finished up the inks for the Bongo 10-pager the other day (a few days early, miracle of miracles), we're starting something else for them in a short while. Can't go into detail on the Beasts of Burden stuff yet, and there's three projects in the works that I can't talk about at all, which is driving me slightly nuttier than I already am. 

There's a few things I can mention because they're out there already --  Eric Powell announced that he's finished the layouts for The Goon #35, which is the issue I wrote. A one-pager we did for the Bart Simpson comic will be running soon according to the latest Previews, and we have a two-page illustration in the latest issue of MAD, which may or may not be on the stands now. Facebook cover. With Alfred E. Newman, in case you were wondering.

Back to whatever.