April 22nd, 2011


It Was Twenty Years Ago, Someday

As some of you H.O.F. faithful know from following this blog, I've been spending some time recently going over my old files -- original art, paperwork, documents and various ephemera from old projects, convention appearances, store signings, fan mail and art and the like. That's lent this year an air of nostalgia that's been pretty heady, dredging up most of my career in words and pictures, detailing  a variety of successes, semi-successes, disappointments, failures, my fault fuck-ups and train-wrecks I had nothing to do with. I've looked at a lot of old art, mostly very ugly and amateurish and depressing to think about, and looked over what amounts to a messy scrapbook of a fitful career, which flourished, perhaps unaccountably, for a time in the 90's, dipped and stumbled badly for a decade or so, and at this point in time shows signs of stabilizing. Fingers crossed..

Aiding and abetting this wave of nostalgia -- I turned 46 on the 20th (thanks for the birthday wishes posted in the previous comments section btw), and birthdays almost always depress me, even the pleasant ones (and this year I had a very, very nice day with my lovely family). 46 is hardly ancient, but when you've been scared to death of dying since you're 11 the morbidity piles up somewhat, and I've always been crazy-worried about how much time I have left, and anxious about plans and projects deferred, unfinished, or fading. Meaning, I'm human, only perhaps with deeper anxieties and less-effective coping mechanisms than some folks. I guess.

On a far less depressing note, I've been working on a nifty personal project off-and-on as of late, one requiring some art corrections on some very old and creaky drawings (I've described the process to a friend and on Twitter as "organizing vomit").  And I've been working on some private commissions, several of which have involved characters I started drawing some time ago. 

For example:

Bill and Ted, Death and Time Thumb, 9" by 12", pen and ink, 2011

Fun With Milk and Cheese  - back cover strip recreation (from the 1st ed), 14" by 17", pen and ink, 2011

All of this is a long-winded and rambling way to note that 20 years ago I started working on the Bill and Ted comics from Marvel, released the first issue of Milk and Cheese from SLG, and managed to go full-time as a comics creator/cartoonist.

This is all slightly freaky to me, if no one else.

It also happens to be the twentieth anniversary of Sarah and I being together*. Which trumps comics, as much as I love the stupid things.

(*She's crazy, obviously.)