April 28th, 2011


See Me, Hear Me, Read Me (But Don't Touch Me)

If you aren't sick of me, me, the fabulous me, here are some more me moments for you to choose from:


- I'll be signing and doing free sketches for whoever wants one at Comic Book Jones on Satan Island on Saturday, May 8th, for Free Comic Book Day. Apparently the comic Bongo is offering for FCBD features work by Sergio Aragones and myself, you can read more details on the contributors here.

- I'll also be appearing at the Hawthorne High School Comic Convention on May 14th, in Hawthorne NJ. Unfortunately, the show doesn't have a dedicated website or presence, it's a small show benefiting the school's art department and information seems to be going out via collector/fan bulletin boards. A link for the general information is here. Sarah and I appeared at this show a number of years back, it is a kind of continuation of the Ramapo High School shows and from what I understand this may be the last event planned. The scheduled guest list features a lot of Silver and Bronze-age guys (60's and 70's for those of you who have never bagged and boarded a comic in your lives), folks like Walt Simonson, Dick Ayers, Rudy Nebres, Dick Ayers, Joe Sinnott, Joe Giella, and others. Hell, some of those folks were making comics in the 50's. Anyway, if the past shows are any indication, this is a small, but nifty, local show where you can rummage through some comic boxes, buy some art, get some free or cheap sketches, and chat up some creators in a casual atmosphere. I think they're also going to run some raffles, folks buy tickets to try to win art or comics or the like. A nice show, super kid-friendly, and very laid back. I'll be bringing cheaply-priced old back issues of my SLG stuff (and some of our mainstream gigs) that I uncovered earlier this week and some art and will be doing quick freebie sketches, including Yo Gabba Gabba characters for the kids. Sarah and Em might take the drive with me, not sure yet.

Hope to see some of you at either event.


Cartoonist Mike Dawson has launched a new podcast feature at The Comics Journal and I was the subject of the inaugural interview. You can hear the lengthy conversation here.


The Dark Horse Comics digital storefront is now open for business, and folks can download and sample an individual issue of the Beasts of Burden mini-series or read all 4-issues in a bundle if they are so inclined. If you're unfamiliar with the pet detective horror series (featuring the amazing artwork of Jill Thompson) and you're curious, you can read the first issue for free. Beyond that, I'd suggest checking out issue #2 as people seemed to really like that particular story. If you're more of a cat person than a dog person, maybe you'd like #3, as it features the feline members of the cast in a solo adventure. Each issue is pretty much self-contained, and I hope that folks like what they read, if they decide to give the series a try.

The store features many other free comics (26, at the moment) and a boatload of downloadable titles including Hellboy, The Guild, Little Lulu, Conan, Lone Wolf and Cub,  Axe Cop, The Goon, The Umbrella Academy, and many more, cheaper and apparently more convenient than the paper stuff we've been pushing for oh, so many years. I dunno where this is all going, but I'm happy to see some of my work going, uh...wherever this is all going.

Speaking of Beasts of Burden, I've seen the finished art Jill's done for our first new story since the Hellboy crossover, and it's really swell stuff, as usual. Can't wait to see the new material come out. Even though I write these things, they don't exist for me until they're painted and lettered, and even then they're just phantom stories until other folks can read them. Hopefully folks will be able to read them soon.

That about covers things for now. I'm late on the last of the new Beasts script and better get back to wrangling that sucker.

Type to you soon.