May 6th, 2011


This And That (FCBD Edition)

I'll be signing stuff at Comic Book Jones tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day . At least I hope to sign some stuff. One never knows. I expect to show up sometime around noon, for those of you who give a toss.

I will have some work featured in a FCBD giveaway, by the way -- a three-page Bart Simpson strip Sarah and I did will be in the Bongo freebie.

Speaking of Bongo, Sarah just finished up the colors for a ten-pag Bart strip that I wrote and drew, which should be published later this year. The Bart Simpson comic goes monthly this spring/summer, and a one-pager we did should be coming out within the next few months. There's also a Ralph Wiggum-centric two-pager floating around that we did, I think it may end up in a trade paperback scheduled to come out soon. Sarah and I are currently co-writing an eight-page Simpsons comic that we'll also be doing the art and colors for. I realize relatively few people involved  with the Direct Market is paying any attention at all to this, but I can assure you some children enjoy these comics, and they sell very well indeed in collected form to book buyers all over the world. Even in that strange land of awkward animals, Australia. So there, Direct Market.

I finished up what may be this year's contingent of Beasts of Burden scripts this past Monday. Or Tuesday. I don't know, time is meaningless when insomnia takes you for a spin. I've also seen Jill Thompson's finished painted work for the first story, which is lovely, as always. I'm hoping we may be able to schedule some more Beasts material as soon as possible, fingers crossed we'll be able to begin work on more stories later in the year.

Had to turn down an invitation to a convention in Brazil. Dagger in me heart, I really wanted to attend, even if I'm far from perfectly happy and sane about flying, but my schedule and circumstances simply wouldn't allow it. I rarely get invited to domestic shows, let alone anything international. Maybe someday. I'll try to use the time home to make some good comics, or some good money, hopefully both.

Speaking of work, Sarah and I have a nifty non-comics gig starting up later this month. After that I start some nifty comics work. "Nifty" in the sense that the work will be fun, not that it will be of much importance to anyone else (see: "Direct Market" quip above).

I'm also working on some CD art for MC Frontalot, a piece intended for the Team Cul de Sac fundraiser, some commissions, a new round of art auctions for eBay (I think I'm going to try to sell the Demon pin-up I posted recently), and we're anticipating and slowly getting ready for Heroes Con, And there's still some stuff I can't talk about, which, at this point, I'm starting to pretend isn't even going to happen anymore. Except for the thing that is happening. Which I can't talk about.

On that subject -- I was talking on the phone with Shannon Wheeler the other day, and we got on the subject of how you can't mention what you're working on anymore while you're working on it. And how utterly boring and frustrating that can become. Nowadays you have honest-to-gosh PR cycles in comics, you have to sit silent on projects for months, and it seems to takes ages for anything to come out once you're turned the work in, forget how long it feels from the time you signed the contract. Sometimes I miss the days of doing a cover, soliciting a comic, knocking it out in a frenzy, and getting it on the stands a few months later. Sure, it's nice that we make cute little bound books that go on a shelf and all these days, and some creators are treated wonderfully and we can all pretend like we work in an actual industry that knows what it's doing, but, I dunno. It's not like the pay has increased with the rise of industry puffery and pretensions and Hollywood-style behavior. Not for most of us suckers in the trenches. Sometimes when I have to play the game of acting oh-so-professionally I wonder what the point is. But then I see some dingbat blow their PR wad on an early announcement, sucking up all interest from the "press" before the comic is on stands, and I understand fully the necessity of keeping mum until the the time is right. Times have changed, even if this maddening business is still largely predicated on the perception of how well an individual writes or draws Batman or Spider-Man. That's not a knock on the super-types, by the way, but could you imagine how screwed-up other media would be if they rose and fell largely on projects based on old characters?  Could you imagine if Hollywood depended heavily on nothing but adventure and superhero movies based on...oh, hell...oh, forget it. 

Anyway, I hope to see a few announcements in the near-future that the H.O.F. faithful might get a kick out of, if no one else.

Fingers crossed and keeping busy.