May 9th, 2011


More This And That

The Goon #35 from Dark Horse Comics has been solicited for August, art as always by Goon creator Eric Powell, script for the first time ever by yours truly. I enjoyed writing this comic very much and I can't wait to see what Eric does with it. Should be a hoot.

Forgot to mention this earlier -- The latest issue of Mad Magazine is out (Facebook cover), Sarah and I contributed a 2-page illustration for it.

Beast of Burdens: Animal Rites has been nominated for an Anthony Award, which is given out in connection with The Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, being held this year in St. Louis. How we got nominated is certainly a mystery to me, but I'm not complaining. The graphic novel category is newly minted, and it was nice that Jill Thompson and I nabbed a mention, even if I expect all and sundry to be severely trounced by Darwyn Cooke's Parker adaptation.

Finally, we've put a new batch of H.O.F original art up on eBay, including  some of the pin-ups I've posted here recently (the Demon, the Hulk and your favorite mutant and mine, Peeper). Also on the chopping block: a Super Martian Robot Girl page from the Yo Gabba Gabba! comic, a Bart Simpson gag page, a page of Fun strips from Dork, a Hectic Planet illustration from the third trade paperback, a chapter illustration from I Love You, Beth Cooper, and several Mad illustrations.

You can see the art and bid on my doodles here.

As always, thanks for your time and attention.

Back to work.