May 30th, 2011


Heroes Con

Heroes Con
is this weekend, June 3-5th.

We'll  be set up in Indie Island at tables AA516-517.

We're bringing a batch of art for sale, some Milk and Cheese pages and pin-ups (like the one below), pages from Dork, Hellboy: Weird Tales, Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book Time, Captain America Red, White and Blue, Bart Simpson Comics, et al. Some Mad and Nickelodeon illustration stuff, some comic book layouts and roughs and maybe some layout and production material from Yo Gabba Gabba! and Welcome to Eltingville, if we can get it all together in time.

I'll be doing free quick sketches as well as paid commissions. Might bring the markers to try to do some color stuff, maybe Sarah will help out with that, not sure. We'll see how it goes.

We should have copies of Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites for sale as well as a few copies of Yo Gabba Gabba! Comic Book Time.

We're also going to be bringing a box or two of what's left of our overstock of older work, much of which we'll be selling on the cheap. We're hoping to blow out what's left of our various SLG books and comics (M&C, Dork, Hectic Planet, Action Girl Comics, Biff Bam Pow, etc) as well as our extra file copies of work done for other publishers such as DC, Dark Horse and Bongo. Which means a batch of SLG stuff and some odds and ends like copies of World's Funnest, a few Supergirl Adventures issues, some Bart Simpson comics, that sort of thing. Some of the M&C comics are early printings, if anyone cares, all will be sold for cover price or less. This is the one and only time we're doing this, after this we'll have no more copies of these things for sale at any conventions (well, unless we find another goddamned box we didn't know about). Whatever doesn't sell will likely be recycled back home. Any extra merchandise we dig up will likely be brought along as well, a M&C lunch box or two,  vinyl figures, some beer mugs if we can transport them safely, etc.

I always kept more of these things than I should have, we do very few shows, and there's no reason to keep all this stock on hand. So, out  it goes, and Heroes is where we're taking it all. if you're interested, stop on by.

Otherwise, I'll be on a panel on Saturday with Richard Thompson and Roger Langridge.

12:00 PM - Approaches to Humor

Room 209
Sure the convention is HeroesCon, but let’s never forget the funny side of the comic book world. Join The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald as she sits down with three of the very best cartoonists in the business. They are able to me us smile and even laugh out loud: Richard Thompson (Cul De Sac), Roger Langridge (The Muppets, Fred the Clown) and Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese, Yo Gabba Gabba!) are three of the wizards who put the comic in comic.

Yep, that's us all right, three wizards.

Guess that's it. Here's the link to the Heroes Con home page.

Here's the guest list as it stands.

Really looking forward to the show, hope to see some of the H.O.F. faithful there this weekend.