June 13th, 2011


As Sarah Put It, "The Cat's Out Of The Bag"

It was announced today that the film rights to Beasts of Burden has been optioned by a bunch of people who say they want to make a motion picture based on it. You can read the announcement at the Hollywood Reporter here. MTV Splash also wrote about it (I remember they suggested it should be a movie a few years back. How Magic 8-Ball of them!) and several comic book websites have posted something about it, as well. 

As you know, most movies don't get made. Options are an almost everyday occurrence, they option a lot of stuff out there in Hollywood, and most of it sits, or is sat on, in some sort of development hell, or purgatory. Despite the fact that the headlines read "Beasts of Burden headed to the big screen", you have to remember to take that PR stuff with a grain of salt -- the same thing was said about Nexus, Elfquest, Madman, Reid Fleming...the list goes on and on. There's no telling what will happen. We have a lottery ticket. That's how I see it.    

I congratulated Jill Thompson via Twitter and thanked our editorial team and a bunch of folks at Dark Horse who have been involved with Beasts of Burden --  I was going to repeat the whole thing over again in this post but it just looked ridiculous, like I was accepting an award. So, please understand why I'm not mentioning everyone by name here. I also have a terrific headache right now and need to get off the computer asap.

Before I drop off, let me just say that if anyone's worried about the Beasts of Burden comic, they shouldn't be. We'll have 3 new short stories in Dark Horse Presents later this year, and we're trying to put together a schedule for another limited series. The comics, for me, are the main thing.

All for now.

All for now.