July 2nd, 2011


Busy Times Means Regular Updates

- Going through the just-released Diamond Previews for September comic releases, you'll find two HOF-related releases:
First up is the afore-blogged Dark Horse Presents #4, which will run a Beasts of Burden short story by Jill Thompson and myself, along with work by Steve Niles, Howard Chaykin, Sergio Aragones, Carla Speed McNeil, Steve Parkhouse and an interview feature by cover artist Geoff Darrow.

- Also solicited for September is Bart Simpson Comics #63, which will feature a 10 page story I wrote and drew called "Model Behavior", which details the epic fail that occurs when Bart, Milhouse and Martin attempt to build a Radioactive Man Rocket Roadster model kit. Sarah provided the colors, and I think we did a nice job on it and I hope folks will check it out. Going by the solicitation text it looks like we'll be sharing space with Sergio Aragones and others. And can I just say, it's always super-cool to have your work in the same comic as Sergio Aragones? 'Cause it totally is. (FYI, Bongo also solicited this year's Treehouse of Horror, and one of the guest creators is none other than Jim Woodring. Yes.)

- DHC recently released a collection of Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother black and white comics, including a short strip she did for the late, lamented Action Girl Comics.

- Hey, Mad magazine now, finally, has a blog/web presence.

- Here are nine of the ten Milk and Cheese sketch insert cards I contributed to the CBLDF Liberty Card set project:

Supposedly these suckers will be tossed randomly into the trading card packs along with sketches by a number of other comics creators. Maybe you'll find one. Maybe no one will find them, and they will sit forever in foil-sealed darkness.

- A recent commission, Robotman from DC Comics Doom patrol.:

- Speaking of commissions, at the moment I'm not taking any new art orders as I have a full dance card to get through, including some barter pieces from way back that I'm trying to finish before I'm sealed in a foil pack and planted six feet under. I always appreciate being asked, but if you're looking for something, I probably won't be accepting commissions again until later in the year.

- And finally, speaking of art, here's a final reminder of our current eBay art auctions, which end tomorrow. All bids are welcome, all bids are appreciated.

All for now. Hope you're having a more fun holiday weekend than we are.