July 5th, 2011


Smash and Gab

First off, here's a link to a new interview that I did with Comic Book Resources regarding the Beasts of Burden film option and the upcoming stories in DHP.

Secondly, here's a pin-up of The God-Damned Rhino:

I posted a rough sketch of this hooligan several months ago and mentioned that I tried to draw a finished piece based on it. I wasn't happy with either penciled attempt and they've been sitting in the studio gathering dust and feeling sorry for themselves.  I bought some Copic Multiliner brush pens at Heroes Con to try out and needed something to try them out on, so I grabbed one of the Rhino penciled jobs and threw some ink on it while letting the ink dry on the Team Cul de Sac piece I was working on at the time. I still like the rough sketch better, but there's something going on with this one I kind of like. Maybe it's the rocks. I dunno. FYI: this pin-up will likely be tossed onto eBay or our art for sale list, that's where pretty much all of these Marvel and DC character pieces are ending up (which reminds me, thanks to the folks who bid on our recent set of auctions, including  the J.J.J. Spider-Slayer robot pin-up. Always appreciated).

I think I like working with the Copics more than the Pitt brush markers I've been using for the past several years to complement the Hunt 102 and 22. I'll still use both kinds for a while (I'm not going to throw anything out, art supplies is expensitive!) on the commissions I'm slowly working through and see which brand "'wins".

Finally, one of our secret projects is almost done. At least our part of it. Fingers crossed.