July 8th, 2011


Now --The Secret Can Be Told!

The House of Fun is pleased to present its latest secret project.

This is the cover:

And this is the solicitation from Dark Horse Comics:


On sale Dec 21
B&W/FC, 240 pages
HC, 7" x 10"

A carton of hate. A wedge of spite. A comic book of idiotic genius. The Eisner Award-winning dairy duo returns in this deluxe hardcover collecting every single stupid Milk and Cheese comic ever made from 1989 to 2010, along with a sh*t-ton of supplemental awesomeness. This has everything you need! Don't judge it—love it! Or else!

“Evan’s calcium-rich creations are guaranteed to spread lactose intolerance everywhere.”—David Mazzucchelli (Asterios Polyp, Batman: Year One)

Some additional notes:

- The book will feature over 80 pages of comics that have not been collected before.
- There will be a 24-pg color section featuring all the color M&C strips, a cover gallery, pin-ups, merchandise art, trading cards, etc.
- There will also be a 24-pg B&W supplemental section featuring pin-ups, t-shirt designs, and other art, etc.
- The book will include the rare 1997 M&C Special Edition 16-pg mini-comic featuring the expanded "Darth Vader Overdrive" strip and extras.
- The only M&C-related comic that will not be in the collection is the M&C/Pirate Corp$! strip from Munden's Bar Annual #2.
- Some very swell folks gave us some very nice back cover quotes.
- The book should be hefty enough to hurt anyone hit over the head with it.
- The book should be pretty freaking awesome.

There will be more information on the book next week as more formal PR rolls out from Dark Horse -- I think I'm doing some interviews over the weekend and those should be posted pretty quickly, among other things. That being said, the greatest PR Milk and Cheese ever had was reader word-of-mouth, so I'm hoping some of the M&C faithful out there will take it upon themselves to spew the good word about the Dairy Products Gone Bad all over the god-damned, stinking internet until it chokes.

I take my leave of you now. There is much to be done before December 21st! 

Onward to Mayhem!