July 13th, 2011


Updates For You And Yours And Theirs

I've seen the first 12 pages of art from Eric Powell for our Goon #35 collaboration. Holy zoinks, it looks swell, and it hasn't even reached colorist Dave Stewart for his contribution. Looking forward to this one, and I already know the story. Always a good sign. August 31st, save the date.

Here's the blog post from Midtown Comics for the "Not at Comic Con Party" event taking place Saturday, July 23rd at their downtown Manhattan location. I'll be doing a signing that day with Larry Hama, other guests are Amy Reeder, Rebekah Isaacs and M.C. Chris. Apparently there will be costumes and trivia contests and whatnot so it acts like a mini-convention. Maybe they'll have overpriced hot dogs and Teamsters yelling at everyone to complete the experience. Their Facebook page for the event can be found here. Hope to see you there. Save the date!

Sarah and I finished up a script for Bongo. Right now there's no date for you to save on that one.

The Milk and Cheese hardcover should be available for pre-order the week of August 12th or so. Need I remind you to save the approximate date?  Pre-order this magnificence and be the envy of some weird person on your block.

We're pretty much done with our end of things on the book, we have to figure out the "bookplate" design and I'm finishing up an afterword that I'm doing as a one-page comic. What a haul this has been. Most of the M&C work was pre-digital, and I no longer have a lot of the original art for some of the issues. Ditto most of the covers, the t-shirt designs, the older pin-ups and the like. Sarah's put in a lot of hours to help make this the best book possible, and I'm really happy we're finally done bringing all that old comic book chaos to order. Now it's the DHC production department's nightmare.

Speaking of DHC, here's the official Dark Horse PR for the HC. Same basic stuff you've already seen, only with a dopey quote I provided. I really hate coming up with PR quotes, it always sounds forced, because it is, even more so when writing about your own project. "I like this. I hope people like this. I'm so excited...derrrr."

Maybe I should have sent that in as the quote.