July 31st, 2011


Make Mein Marvel Commissions

Two Marvel character commissions for a customer who asked for me to draw them along the lines of a Hulk sketch I did a few months back.

The Hulk sketch was something I knocked out as a gag in about fifteen minutes, using colored pencils and a regular pencil, maybe a 3B, I don't remember exactly. I only remembered sketching in blue pencil, going over it in red (as I often do when comping something), and then doing some other stuff with it and adding some dialog. I never worked like that before so when I was asked to work in that style for the Thing and Thor commissions I kind of choked a bit during the process, when I do use colored pencils it's over inked outlines, here I found myself working everything over a lot more than the Hulk piece, heavier lines, more detail, but still trying to retain the rough look that was asked for. The Thing took a while, afterward Thor was easier because I had a better idea as to what I was attempting to do.

When I'd hit a wall on the commissions I'd take out some typing paper and rough out some head shots to loosen up with. Some were only in blue pencil, several went into File 13, these two I scribbled color on to see how they'd look.

One unexpected outcome of all  this was that while working on the Thing drawing, my daughter Emily became intrigued by the Fantastic Four comics laying around my work space. To make a long story short, she's now read the first two Fantastic Four Omnibus volumes as well as two follow-up FF Masterworks (and four Amazing Adventures comics featuring The Inhumans). She hasn't read #62-#82 (iirc) because we don't have them, but even so she pretty much tore through most of the Lee/Kirby run in a few days. I haven't even read all of those issues yet and I'm 40 years older than she is. I say thee no way!

Anyway, excelsior and all that stuff.