August 12th, 2011


Scary Godmother Pin-Up

Scary Godmother meets Action Girl and Milk and Cheese in 1998, I forget which Scary Godmother comic this ran in.

I remember having a good time working on this, trying to meld my style with Jill Thompson's for her cast of characters. And drawing Bugaboo, the multi-eyed monster, was lots of fun. Always loved his design.

If you haven't read Jill's delightful Scary Godmother books (yeah, I don't write the word "delightful" often, but they are just that), Dark Horse has recently added a collection of all the black and white SG comics to last year's Scary Godmother collection of the painted storybook/comics hybrid books. The comic collection features a story Jill did for Sarah's late, lamented Action Girl Comics anthology. Ah, the 90's. More fun than I realized at the time.

Speaking of Milk and Cheese, you can now pre-order the DHC collection on Amazon. We've been working on the book design elements this week with our editors and the designer, picking drawings and catchphrases for the back cover layout, working on a book plate. This weekend I have to caption the supplemental material. Very exciting and very nerve-wracking. Can't wait to see this thing in print this December. It'll include the Scary Godmother pin-up, by the way.