August 30th, 2011



Between prepping for Irene, the book club appearance Friday night (went really well, thanks to those who came out) and losing our power Saturday just around midnight, things have been a little crazy here at the H.O.F.

Got our power back earlier today, spent the day cleaning up, house is a mess, we've lost a lot of work time, so, if I'm not here for a while, I'm moving boxes around, inking, and finishing up a writing gig Sarah and I need to get done.

Hope everyone in the Irene corridor made it through unscathed. Happy to hear the CCS library books were unharmed, I hate to see books destroyed in any circumstance, but I'm partial to the place, as a bunch of those books used to be ours.

Oh -- almost forgot, Goon #35 hits the stands tomorrow. Hope those who pick it up dig it. We worked hard on it, yo.

Anyway, take care, and again, hope you're all well.