September 21st, 2011


Out Today

Just a reminder, Dark Horse Presents #4 hits shelves today and has a new Beasts of Burden story by Jill Thompson and I, the first new Beasts work since last year's Hellboy crossover. There will be three new stories in DHP all-told, each self-contained, each adding new details about the characters and the world. The next story will be in DHP #6, the last in DHP #8.

Also coming out today is Bart Simpson #63 from Bongo, featuring a 10-pager I wrote and drew called "Model Behavior", where Bart, Milhouse and Martin attempt to build a Radioactive Man kit with less than optimum results. Sarah did the colors for the story and I think it came out really well, definitely the best -looking Simpsons art I've turned in yet. Cleaned up my ink line, for one thing.  

Anyway, that's what's available from the H.O.F. and I hope those of you out there who pick either or both up enjoy what we've done.