September 30th, 2011



Things have been overwhelming on several fronts, especially work, so posting has been more sporadic than usual, as you folks may have noticed. I know everyone's on Twitter so I might be talking to the walls here but I still prefer the blog post to the tweet despite the fact that the latter is easier to knock out. Hopefully I'll be able to post some art again soon, the big scanner's still not hooked up after some computer meltdown drama we hope to have laid to rest within the next few weeks. We're still trying to catch up on work after the schedule got it's ass kicked by the Milk and Cheese hardcover, the Irene blackout and the aforementioned computer problem.

It looks like I'm going to be at NYCC for at least one day to do a signing at the Dark Horse booth. DHC's doing a company panel for Dark Horse Presents and the line in general on Friday but I haven't been asked to participate, if I am, I guess I'm in for Friday. For all I know things will work out to where I'm not going at all. So, all of you who were wondering, don't make plans on my account regarding NYCC. Ha ha, that's a joke. Not really.

The M&C book's at the printer's.

The fifth Guild one-shot comic from DHC has been solicited, it's the Zaboo special, Sarah and I did the cover for it. Too busy to provide a link, will do so asap. Hopefully before it ships in December.

Sarah and I finished up an 8-page strip for Bongo, script, art and colors. Looks pretty okay, dunno when it'll be scheduled. I'll be writing a short story for another artist to draw sometime in the near-future. Praise Bongo.

I'm working on the last few commissions, so, if I owe you a commission, it'll be done asap. Sorry for any delays, crazy year, first time I solicited for commissions and it was more than I expected to deal with. And I work on them carefully, I don't knock 'em out, so they're worth what folks paid for them and reflect my appreciation for the patronage. End of semi-defensive paragraph.

We wrapped up an animation-related gig and I was offered another one. Hmmm. It would allow me to work with a friend of mine, always cool. Think I'll take it. Hope it can be worked into the schedule.

Currently on the drawing board: Can't tell you, but you'll like it. Let's just say, "old school".

Been reading a lot of comics, no time to blather on about them. But let me just quickly say that Jaime's work on Love and Rockets #4 was/is phenomenal. Give that boy a Genius Grant and let him kick back a while. if he wants to. Amazing.

Mr. Less-Than-Amazing, signing off.