October 4th, 2011


Jill Thompson Signing at NYCC (me, too)

I will indeed be signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#1238) on Saturday at 1:30 - 2:30 at the New York Comic Con (I actually don't know the dates of the convention. it's in a week and a half, I'm pretty sure).

Even better, Jill Thompson will also be signing as well (same bat-time, same bat-place). So, bring your copy of the Beasts of Burden collection or whatever other comics we worked on and get your stuff signed. And maybe get a little drawing in the book if there's time. There's usually time. For me, at least. Sometimes. Pretty often, actually. 

I don't think DHC will be selling books themselves, so if you're looking to get something new-ish signed and assume you can buy it from them, don't assume. Last year they were only selling a few con exclusive items, if I remember correctly (I know this year they have a con-exclusive Spider-Man statue, which is pretty cute but has nothing to do with Jill or I so forget I said anything about it). There's a number of local comic shops that set up at NYCC --  I know Jim Hanley's Universe is usually there as well as Midtown Comics -- but it's iffy if they'll have our stuff, to be honest. They might have Jill's stuff. They won't have that Spider-Man statue I didn't mention earlier.

I don't have plans to be at the show any other days so if you do want something signed, that's the time. I was hoping to be asked to be on the DHC panel on Friday to plug the Milk and Cheese book and the DHP stuff, but alack and alas, I am scuttled. Is it uncool to admit I wanted to be asked to do a panel? So what, big deal. I bet lots of folks feel left out when they're not asked to participate on a panel but don't want to admit it. Because it's uncool to admit you weren't asked. Whatever. I'm cool enough to be uncool enough to admit that I'm not cool enough to be asked to do a cool panel. I'm also probably going to be wearing a shirt on Saturday that I already wore to NYCC, like, five years ago, because that's how I roll, baby, right down the hill and into the gutter. And this is not some passive/aggressive ploy for getting invited to some stupid panel, because I happen to be booked up on Friday with a very important...uh, meeting. Yeah. I also happen to have it on very good authority (my horoscope, if you must know) that no one I work with actually reads my blog. So fooey on everyone for making me get my Lesley Gore on.

And that was not a passive/aggressive maneuver to get anyone I work with to reply that they do read this crap. Honest, officer.

Anyway, this post went all idiot on me -- and you, I guess, as well -- but I had fun. Oh, ho ha ha, my knee hurts from slapping it so hard and so often, yumpin' yiminy. Hope to see some of you folks at the convention on Saturday, October something-or-other. I'll be bringing my game face (The Game of Cootie, from Schaper -- if you must know) and my signing pen, but probably not the family, because they are smart enough to stay away from a convention on a Saturday.

Good luck, everyone!