October 8th, 2011


Milk and Cheese Pin-Up For Benefit Auction

This is a piece I drew for the auctions writer Steve Niles has set up to help deal with the costs of his dog Sonny's medical situation. Folks seem to be donating drawings of Sonny, or of dogs, but I can't draw dogs for dog crap --  I can only write about them -- so I drew something that might make a few dollars more than a bad drawing of a dog holding a gin bottle and complaining about how shitty he was inked.

This is a cruddy scan that cuts off the sides a little bit, and I see I have some shadowy stuff going on there as well. Whatever. I'm not Mr. Production Department by a long shot. Our large scanner's still not up and running after the computer meltdown last week or so, so I had to use the shrimpy scanner. Plus, I still don't know how to use the big scanner. Anyway, the goddamned drawing I scanned badly is 9" by 12" all told and I dunno how the auction will be worked out, maybe we'll send Steve the image for the listing and I'll mail the piece to the winner so I can personalize it to them if they so desire, maybe we'll need to send the piece straight to him, I dunno. I just don't know, don't ask me to explain these things. I just draw this crap, I can't organize things or understand how anything works. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I just wanted to get this posted asap to help spread the word on the fundraising effort and give an idea of what my humble little offering looks like. For more information on the fundraiser go here, also, you can donate a couple of bucks if you're so inclined and don't wish or don't have the scratch to bid on the artwork being offered up from Steve's personal collection, along with the art being donated . He's got a Mignola piece on the block right now, in fact. I don't have the scratch for that one, either.

Anyway, everything's a mess and most everyone seems to need help these days, so let's everybody do what we can when we can and we'll all muddle on through doing what we can when we can until we die. Sound like a plan? No? Well, I told you I can't organize anything.