October 16th, 2011


NYCC 2011 Wrap-Up

Just wanted to thank those of you out there who came by to the Dark Horse signing yesterday. Things turned out very well -- much better than I expected, to be honest -- Jill and were kept busy the entire hour and signed a lot of books, we sold out of the copies of Beasts of Burden DHC brought (not a ton, but still, better they sold than sat there) and most of the copies of Jill's Scary Godmother collections. I didn't know they'd have books (they didn't bring any the previous year), so that was cool, and they also gave out free copies of the Hellboy/Beasts of Burden crossover to the folks on line. Nice to see some familiar faces from the NYC area show up for the signing, nice to see some unfamiliar faces. Someone brought a set of the Milk and Cheese toys to get signed which was neat.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to do any sketches for anyone during the signing, but as I explained to the folks who asked, we had a short amount of time and a long line, and I wanted to make sure everyone on the line got their books signed. If I had a table at the show or there wasn't a line I would have been happy to do some freebies, but such was not the case.

Jill and I had a meeting with editor Scott Allie before the signing concerning some future funnybook plans, hopefully we'll have some sort of announcement within the next five years or so (keep watching this space!). After the signing I did a bunch of interviews, two-hours worth, which I wasn't expecting, so my plans for the day were thrown off and I never really got to walk around and see much of anything.

I did see a Dalek. And there was a topless girl with a drawn-on mustache outside the Javitz Center, but I would like to un-see that, if possible, as soon as it can be arranged with the proper authorities.

Spoke to some folks at another publisher about maybe possibly doing something together sometime within the next ten years. Unexpectedly ran into David Mazzucchelli and spent some time catching up. Talked to Ryan Flanders from Mad. Got to talk to Jill a little bit more at her table. Said hello to Cliff Chiang. Spoke briefly to Landry Walker while the show closed down, I'd been looking for him since I got there but never ran into him until then, unfortunately. That was pretty much it. The drive in was fun, I hitched a ride with Socko and Boomer and Tiger from Comic Book Jones (and Joe from Marvel). I had a Coke during my signing and ate some cruddy McDonald's "food" on the way to the 1 Train to the ferry.  None of my Monopoly sweepstakes playing pieces were winners.

On the train I listened to an older couple sitting across from me compare the Addam's Family musical they had just seen to the TV series. The husband was disappointed they didn't show Thing and that Cousin It was only shown in a cameo. He was also upset that he didn't catch Uncle Fester's light bulb trick, which his wife says she saw and enjoyed. The husband was very proud of all the plot points and bits of business he correctly predicted would happen during the course of the play. According to the couple's review, the show had three plots (all "great"), the music was "terrific", the casting was "excellent" and the woman who portrayed the wife in the "normal couple" was also "excellent". They plan to see The Book of Mormon next.

On the ferry I worked on the script for the last two pages of a 6-page story I'm currently in the middle of. Caught the bus home, walked up the hill, greeted the family, took some aspirin, skimmed through two contracts that arrived in the mail, checked my e-mail, read part of a book I'm not particularly enjoying, and fell asleep.

Pretty weak con report, I know. These things happen. Not the con's fault. I'm pretty dull these days.

Anyway, thanks again to the folks who came to the signing. It was very much appreciated.