November 13th, 2011


Two Commissions

These are two commissions done for the same person -- Pantha from the Teen Titans, and Marrow, from the X-Men. I felt like I'd seen Marrow before but had no idea of the character's name (I have a feeling I saw an action figure or something like that) and Pantha was a complete unknown quantity to me. I'm semi-familiar with a lot of characters created after I quit following the books through comic shop and internet osmosis, but I couldn't have told you a thing about these characters if you put an Ultimate Nullifier to my head.

It turns out Marrow has been redesigned and goofed with so many times (not to mention the fact that a lot of artists fudge -- I mean interpret -- her so she appears differently even without a do-over) that it was difficult for me to know just what she should look like, so I opted for a mash-up of sorts. Her entire face was reworked at one point, apparently they prettied her up so she could be on team X-Men (pity the ugly superhero -- all the skill in the world won't help you if you're not hot. It's a lot like the music industry, come to think of it).

Anyway, the customer was very happy with the pin-ups, which is always good to hear. The next one up is a Joker/Harley Quinn piece. I'm trying to polish off the last few commissions I owe people asap -- if you're one of the folks waiting, I appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait. It'll be worth it, honest.